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Linux Causes Violence

If your child uses Linux, they’ll statistically be less successful socially. Linux is an operating system for neckbeards, that don’t have anything better to do than fix their systems after package upgrades. If you still don’t think Linux is harmful to them, think of how much time wasted on fixing their computer could be spent on socializing or reading books. Linux users are anti-semitic Bryan Lunduke, a Jewish Linux Youtuber, open-source speaker, and figurehead has been criticized for putting his videos behind a paywall.

Iranian cleric: Applying essential oil to anus cures coronavirus

DISCLAIMER: We do not provide medical advice, for information about COVID-19 check your government’s or WHO’s website. A cleric in Qom, Iran suggested an unusual cure for the COVID-19 coronavirus, he recommends pre-bedtime administration of violet leaf oil to rectum. People say that Ayatollah Tabrizian has denounced Western medicine as “un-Islamic”. A supplier of traditional Islamic medicine, Tabrizian, identified several alternative strategies for fighting the spread of the coronavirus known as Covid-19, in a message to over 120 000 followers on the messaging platform Telegram.

Please Stop Calling Me Racist

I have a message for all the trolls that read my last 2 articles and spam my DMs. Please stop sending me DMs telling me I’m racist. I AM NOT RACIST. JOURNALISTS CAN’T BE RACIST. DEAL WITH IT TROLLS.