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Are cars racist?

Why have cars become so complicated? Why do we require so many street signs? Isn’t it obvious to slow down around JLGBTQ+ support centers? We don’t need signs for that. If you look at the statistics of young persyns with driving licenses, especially in European countries like Germany, it’s insanely lower than for the previous generations. They’ve grown into so complex persyns have to conform to public transport, and that plus lack of privacy contributes to racism and classism.

Can Journalists be racist?

Every time I make my coffeé and go through DMs I almost always get messages from bad actrxs calling me a racist😡. I’ve asked around my journalist friends and found they experience the same oppression😢. In this article I want to debunk the “Journalists can be racist” myth. :factcheck: you journalists are racist yourself! Add the :wrongopinion: if you wanna!. Some bad actxr FoJ Discord I’m pretty sure half the journalists here are racist too but my option is wrong so I can’t say anything