Proud black person in a car

Why have cars become so complicated? Why do we require so many street signs? Isn’t it obvious to slow down around JLGBTQ+ support centers? We don’t need signs for that. If you look at the statistics of young persyns with driving licenses, especially in European countries like Germany, it’s insanely lower than for the previous generations. They’ve grown into so complex persyns have to conform to public transport, and that plus lack of privacy contributes to racism and classism.

Self-driving cars are the future

State-enforced, state-sponsored self-driving cars should be common in big cities before 2030. If executed right, the benefits for society will be immense. It will be the end of discrimination. No more complicated driving tests, no more worrying about signs, no more tired wh*te persyns coming back from their 14-hour workday and crashing into innocent People of Color.

Before we get to that point

We need to fix the AI-bias problem. AI face recognition is biased racially. They detect whte persyns more often than PoC. How do we fix that? I think we should get to the root of the problem and ban whte persyns from working on AIs. We should also restrict AI training data that includes wh*te persyns.


We should ban cars to boost the development of self-driving cars. Additionally, we need to ban wh*te persyns from positions in contact with AI and to ban them from training data.