Every time I make my coffeĆ© and go through DMs I almost always get messages from bad actrxs calling me a racistšŸ˜”. Iā€™ve asked around my journalist friends and found they experience the same oppressionšŸ˜¢. In this article I want to debunk the ā€œJournalists can be racistā€ myth.

:factcheck: you journalists are racist yourself! Add the :wrongopinion: if you wanna!.

Some bad actxr FoJ Discord

I’m pretty sure half the journalists here are racist too but my option is wrong so I can’t say anything

Another bad actxr FoJ Discord

Journalists are here to stay

Can they?

A journalistā€™s job is to dig out the truth about the world and present it to the people. Therefore, by nature, itā€™s impossible for a journalist to be racist. Yeah, if youā€™re a racist, you might be clicking the DM button right now and sending us statistics on crime by race, but does that prove anything? Short answer, no. First, those statistics have errors. Theyā€™ll never 100% truthfully represent the world. Second, even if these statistics were true, youā€™re omitting other statistics, that put people of other races in bad light. For example, since the majority of people in the government are white males, what race do you think is the most corrupt in that government? If you were able to make statistics on all race statistics, do you know what would come out? The truth, that is ā€“ all races are evenly good and evenly bad.


No, they canā€™t. Simply, objectively, totally impossible. So stop with the oppression.