If your child uses Linux, they’ll statistically be less successful socially. Linux is an operating system for neckbeards, that don’t have anything better to do than fix their systems after package upgrades. If you still don’t think Linux is harmful to them, think of how much time wasted on fixing their computer could be spent on socializing or reading books.

Linux users are anti-semitic

Bryan Lunduke, a Jewish Linux Youtuber, open-source speaker, and figurehead has been criticized for putting his videos behind a paywall. For some reason, Linux users think everything in the Linux-sphere should be FREE. Yet most of them don’t give anything back to the Linux community.

GNU+Linux users against Israel

Linux users are incels

It’s already hard enough to not be rejected for using Windows or Android, it’s significantly easier to get rejected for using Linux. If you think that’s good because they’ll find a smart and loyal girl, then surprise, there’s VERY little womxn using Linux, it’s the ultimate neckbeard operating system.

Linux Incels

Linux users are unfriendly

You can get roasted for anything, using the wrong distro, the wrong DE, using a DE instead of WM, using the wrong screenshot software, using bloated software, using GUI software, anything. This is also why Linux users are such extreme bigoted fascists, if you don’t have the same opinion as them, you’re wrong.

Linux communities lack diversity

Linux communities are majority wh*te and mxle. The creator of Linux is a wh*te Finnish mxle with anger issues, there’ve been several cases of him rejecting code submissions made by POC.

There’ve been efforts to fix that, like adding Code of Conduct to the Linux project, but Linux users are much against them.

Linux CoC

Want more proof? Google for pictures of audiences at Linux conferences.

Death threats

Lennart Poettering, the creator of systemd, a very popular and important Linux software, has received death threats from Linux users just for the fact of creating systemd. There’s no justification for these attacks, systemd is free and no one is forced to use it.


Linux users are anti-semitic, majority wh*te, bigoted, fascist, unfriendly, death-threatening incels. If your child uses Linux, get your local IT guy to install Windows on their machine.